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This site is dedicated to the memory of Max Mariash, my teacher.

Without him, there would be no memories, no drums, and no web site.

I've already mentioned him in other sections of my site, but it bears repeating...Max was a great player and a marvelous teacher!

He emphasized the development of one's own style and individuality.

He was quite demanding, but never dogmatic. And he was able to call upon his years of experience to help his students deal with the various obstacles they faced when trying to learn how to play.

He was well known in the drumming community and well respected.

But he was no pushover, and he took no lip from anyone.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have met him and studied with him.


With great appreciation and respect,

Jim Glay


Max and his lovely wife
A publicity photo taken in the 50's


Max Mariash with the Art Van Damme Quintet, 1952
Session 1
Session 2
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