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Welcome To Vintage Drums And More

We're pleased to have you visit our exclusive collection of vintage drums, hardware, and catalogs, which we joyously offer under the Crash Boom Bam banner.

You will find unique offerings from a private collection that spans over 60 years. These include Rogers wood Dynasonic snare drums, Ludwig COB snare drums, Slingerland Gene Krupa snare drums, and various complete kits from the golden age of American Drum manufacturers.

In addition, drums from European and Asian companies are also featured. The drums and hardware shown here are updated frequently, so please check back often!

For more information, or for purchasing information, e-mail us for a response within 24 hours.

I love the drums. I love everything about them. But most of all, I love to play them. Drums were made to be played. They're beautiful to look at in most cases, but primarily it's the sound that means everything.

I've played the drums in my collection and continue to play them. Whenever possible, I'll try to give an unbiased opinion about them.

Thanks for checking out Vintage Drums and More!

Jim Glay
CEO and lifelong drummer.

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