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Premier Drum Kits

Premier B304 Drum Kit

- 14 X 22, 16 X 16, 10 X 14, 9 X 13
- Late 70's Kit

This Premier Kit is a fine example of the quality of drums Premier was producing in the late 70's.

The finish is called "CR" in Premier catalogs. The hardware was upgraded significantly from the 1960's.

This kit does not include the steel shelled Premier 2000 snare drum.

$1,200.00 (free shipping in the USA)
International customers, please contact for shipping rates.


Premier Grey Shimmer Kit - PD303

- 8 x 12, 8 x 14, 16 x 16, 14 x 22
- Early 70's
- 5 piece drum kit
- 5 1/2 X 14 Royal Ace Snare drum

This kit is referred to as the PD 303 outfit in Premier catalogs. This kit comes with a matching PD 2001 Snare drum, rather than the standard steel model.

The drums had been used in a studio, and the previous owner removed all the internal mufflers on the toms and the bass drum.

The finish is known as Grey shimmer and only Premier offered it as a wrap. The shimmer wraps, along with the silk wraps, were perhaps the rarest of the pearl wraps that Premier featured in the 60's .



Premier Blue Shimmer Pearl Kit

- 8 x 12, 8 x 14, 16 x 16, 14 x 22
- Early 70's
- 4 piece drum kit

Premier, the British Drum company, offered some of the most interesting wraps of the time. Two wraps, the silk wraps and the shimmer wraps, were particular to Premier.

This wrap is known as Blue Shimmer and this kit comes with the 8 x 14 "pancake" tom that only Premier offered at the time.

This kit is in very good shape considering its age and pedigree.



Premier '58' Drum Set

- 20 X17, 14 X 14, 8 X 12, 5 ½ X 14
- Includes: Drum Pedal, Hi-Hat Pedal, Cymbal Stand
- Mahogony Duroplastic

This kit was called the '58' in Premier catalogs. The snare drum pictured was the 4 x 14 Royal Ace snare drum. This particular kit has the 5 ½ x 14 Royal Ace instead.

Before he bought his Ludwig Black Oyster Pearl kit, Ringo Starr owned a kit just like this. Early pictures show Ringo behind this kit and his early recordings were done with the Premier.

This drum set has many of its original heads intact and it has all its original hardware.



Premier Signia Model Drum Set

- 4-piece drum kit
- 10x8, 12x8, 16x16, 16x22
- Cherry Wood finish

In the early 90's, Premier developed the Signia line of drums. These Premier drums, arguably, were the finest drums ever offered by the company. Charlie Morgan, the drummer with Elton John, played an expanded kit.

The drums had maple shells and a tube and lug tensioning system. There were only 6 finishes offered initially, but all of them were of high quality. This particular kit has a Cherry Wood finish.

$1,750.00 (free shipping in the USA)
International customers, please contact for shipping rates.

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