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Slingerland Drum Kits

Slingerland Niles Gold & Black Badge

- White Marine Pearl Finish
- Mid 60's
- 4-Piece Drum Kit
- 5x14 matching snare, 9x13, 16x16 & 14x22
- Rail Consolette Tom Holder

This kit is wrapped in the very popular White Marine Pearl covering. Both Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich favored White Marine Pearl for their kits.

This kit has been yellowed by the many years it has spent in smoky bars and clubs. The kit comes with a matching snare drum.


Slingerland Niles Gold & Black Badge

- Blue Satin Flame Wrap
- Mid 60's
- 4-Piece Drum Kit
- 5x14 matching snare, 8x12, 16x16 & 14x20
- Rail Consolette

For a time these flame finishes were all the rage and most companies offered their version of the various colors. Slingerland even offered a tangerine flame wrap for a short time.

This blue satin finish was perhaps the most popular wrap of its kind. It didn't wear particularly well and it was flammable.

This kit has a "virgin" bass drum. I do have a rail conselette that was standard issue on a number of these kits.

I remember seeing Tom Schiffour, the drummer for the Shadows of Knight, play a kit exactly like this. He also appeared in a Slingerland drum ad, with the entire band, touting these drums.


Slingerland Classic Jazz Kit - Lite Series

- Red Lacquer Finish
- 4-Piece Drum Set
- 7x14 matching snare, 8x10, 14x14 & 17x20
- Mid 90's

For many years, Slingerland drums were made in Niles, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. In the mid-80's Slingerland was bought by Fred Gretsch. The Slingerland drums stood apart from the Gretsch drums of the time.

The shells, hardware, and finishes were totally different. Unlike the Spirit and Artist series, these drums were American made. Indeed the shells were made by Jasper
Wood Products out of Indiana.

These were fine drums, but the company was sold to Gibson guitar and these lines were discontinued.

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