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WFL Super Classic Snare Drum

- 6 1/2 x 14
- Mahogany shell with re-inforcing rings
- P-87 Snare Strainer-also known as the Jazz Festival Strainer

This drum is somewhat of a mystery. I've been unable to find it in any Ludwig Catalog. In 1947, the Ludwig Drum Company introduced the Buddy Rich Super Classic Snare Drum. It was only offered in one size--5 1/2 x 14.

They also offered a 6 1/2 x 14 model, but that was called the New Classic or the Ray McKinley model. That drum had 16 classic lugs.

As you can see, the pictured drum has 8 Bow Tie lugs. As I mentioned earlier, this drum really has no photographic trail in any WFL catalog. I've called the drum the WFL SUPER CLASSIC but what Ludwig called it is anyone's guess.

$750.00 (free shipping in the USA)
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WFL Buddy Rich Super Classic

- 5 1/2 x 14
- White Marine Pearl

In his later years, Buddy Rich moved back and forth between drum companies endorsing this line then endorsing that line.

In the 1960's he endorsed Rogers, Vox (Trixon), and Slingerland. During that time he played a Fibes snare drum! But during the late 1940's and most of the 1950's, Buddy played and endorsed WFL Ludwig drums.

This particular model was named after him. It has the very distinctive jazz festival snare strainer and the typical triple flanged hoops that Ludwig became known for.

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